You’re right, Craig. On Tuesday, many Americans (thought not the majority) voted against political correctness.

At first, it felt like:

  • A vote against upholding any kind of social standards against bigotry and sexism.
  • A vote against the menacing spectre of equality.
  • A vote against the basic idea that we should treat people with respect and decency.

Oh, and:

  • A vote for the right to make racist slurs without consequence.
  • A vote for the right to say gross things about women’s bodies without shame.
  • A vote for the right to say whatever the damn hell you like, even if it’s out of step with the progress we’re making.

Political correctness was fired. It was fired in the primaries. Then it was deported, raped and marginalised in the presidential race.

It’s hard to say there’s a shred of enforceable political correctness left in this country now, after a man who made the statements that Donald Trump has was elected leader. People now feel free to scream racist, misogynistic, homophobic and xenophobic slurs at minorities on the streets.

But don’t celebrate too hard Craig; we’re going to build PC back and it’s going to be huge.

Though while we rebuild, perhaps we ought to reconsider the way we use it.

It may be fair to say we took political correctness too far. That we used it to avoid what we understandably didn’t want to hear. That this result only came as a shock to us because political correctness stopped the angry, disenfranchised 48% from telling us how they were feeling about change.

It worked too well- PC became a silencer, rather than a conversation starter. While the deplorables ignored it, it was potent enough to shame all those who had any shame- whose views might have been changeable- into silence. And those silenced used their vote to say what they weren’t allowed to say aloud.

So I’m voting against bringing back the same political correctness the US just voted out, the one that has sometimes shamed me out of questioning things that made me uncomfortable.

I’m voting to bring back empathy and open dialogue. I’m voting for patience for people as they catch up to where the educated elite has powered ahead to; for not shaming those who lag behind, but teaching them. Some of them are clearly still 50 years behind- how could they catch up without our help?

I’m voting for political correcting, not political correctness.

I hope I have your support in the upcoming election that is humanity.


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